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Mary D’Ambra (pronounced dee-AM-bruh), is a gifted singer/songwriter who lives in 
Estes Park, Colorado.  She has a rich, sultry, alto voice, and sings with all of her heart.  
Her musical style has been influenced by the great singer/songwriters of the 1970‘s, 
but her songs and arrangements are fresh, and have an energy and a sound all their own.  

Mary is a ‘vessel for a song that is looking for a home’, and touches hearts with her music.  
Her songs are expressions of her life’s journey and faith, reflecting 
universal themes, and the beauty found in nature.  

From upbeat songs to finger picking ballads, Mary’s message is one 
of hope and encouragement amidst life’s ups and downs.  
Her music is sure to lift your spirit, so scroll the pages and have a listen.


Mary’s latest release is on

CLICK HERE, OR ON LINK BELOW.http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/songs-from-sunflower-suite/id479002593

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